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Why should you care about decentralized applications or DApps?

As the adoption and popularity of blockchain-based technology is constantly growing, the significance of decentralized applications is also becoming the next age revolution. The worth of the blockchain industry has increased rapidly over two years and reached $548 million in capital from $210. The growing popularity of blockchain is because it is used not only in the crypto industry but also for DApps. Experts estimate that the value of decentralized apps will be growing exponentially in the upcoming days. This is why companies and businesses must stay relevant to this new technology.

Understanding DApps

Decentralized applications are an open-source application based on blockchain technology and require cryptocurrency as a means of incentive for the users. 

They are like peer-to-peer applications where data and information are exchanged among different users. The only difference is that while P2P applications can be hacked easily and are vulnerable, decentralized applications powered by blockchain technology are highly reliable and secure. 

Why should you care about a decentralized application?

DApps store data in blocks on blockchain technology so that hackers and scammers can’t exploit the data, typically seen in a centralized database. Information can’t be misused, changed, or sold by organizations in DApps, unlike centralized apps. All data on DApps remains immutable; therefore, adding new blocks cannot be changed or altered. DApps help companies ensure a high level of transparency in their operations and avoid time-consuming management and administration in the workflow. Not only organizations companies, but DApps also reward content creators. Blockchain-based decentralized social platforms have self-regulated content. This will let content creators improve their reputation and also get rewarded. DApps will make way for a fairer, more productive, and more authentic system for all.

Are decentralized dApps living up to their promises?

The design of decentralized applications is quite significant; however, most apps’ user interface and user experience are not fully satisfying; therefore, DApp’s design is often neglected. DApps and blockchain are still in their infancy stages, and more companies are scaling and leveraging this core technology to harness the benefits. Decentralized apps will take time to develop completely and become user-friendly. However, once it is done, the user interface and user experience of Dapps will gain more attention. When all the usability issues related to Dapps are solved and other limitations are addressed, widespread adoption of decentralized applications will be possible. For instance, Airbnb is a good example of how the future of Dapps will look exactly. Although many Airbnb have not met user expectations completely, it is still expected that they have strong potential and will live up to their promises in the future.


Businesses and society must keep pace with the evolution of decentralized applications. As more companies and organizations deploy blockchain technology, the potential and capabilities of the apps can be unlocked and even recognized. Since decentralized applications avoid dependence on middlemen or third-party intermediaries, this helps to reward users in greater numbers. The use cases of DApps are also increasing, which means that they will prove useful for business and society at large.

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