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Which smart contract platform proves to be a better investment – Ethereum vs. EOS?

Investing in cryptocurrency may not always be profitable since the cryptocurrency industry is highly speculative and volatile. Bitcoin is less volatile and risky as it has been adopted by large corporations and institutions worldwide. Bitcoin (BTC) is now the first mover and market leader, which benefits from brand recognition and regulatory support.

EOS or Ethereum -which one is better for investment?

Many alternatives to BTC have shown good potential and have been profitable for investors. EOS and Ethereum are altcoins that have been beneficial for traders and investors. Ethereum is an old cryptocurrency launched much before developing the EOS blockchain platform and is presently the second-largest ranked cryptocurrency that has left behind Bitcoin in the market cap. 

Ethereum does not have much staying power, unlike Bitcoin, so it faces intense competition from other competitors in the market. EOS, for instance, is hailed as an ‘Ethereum killer’ since it provides enterprise-level scaling. In contrast, Ethereum is struggling with major issues like scaling and speed, ultimately leading to huge transaction costs due to the Defi explosion. EOS is providing stiff competition to Ethereum to become the top-ranked old coin and a dominant blockchain on which DApps and Defi can be built. 

Even though Ethereum and EOS have certain similarities, there are vast differences between them.

  • Creation and concepts

Ethereum ETH is the primary blockchain supported by the development community, and Ethereum Classic now exists in the market as originally Ethereum. A decentralized organization known as DAO resulted in the Ethereum split. Ethereum 2.0 has been upgraded to solve the platform’s major issues, like scalability. It positioned itself as an ‘Ethereum killer’ like Cardano, Solana, polkadot, and other platforms. EOS stands the best in the future and is among several other tokens that PrimeXBT supports, along with Litecoin and Bitcoin. EOS tokens stand out to be the most successful tokens in history and have raised billions in market capital using the crowdfunding method.

  • Speed and transaction

Regarding speed, EOS performs better than Ethereum. As EOS does not have many DApps built on its network protocol, the speed and transaction fees are low. The EOS protocol is less in demand, and futurists predict that EOS will officially announce significant asset improvements. Ethereum transactions are criticized for their low speed and huge transaction fees.

  • Price Predictions:

Regarding price predictions, Ethereum is expected to reach as high as $35,000 per token. Experts are predicting a huge hike in the price of Ethereum tokens in the long term. The price prediction for Ether will be around $35,000 in the short term. On the other hand, EOS has less price predictions going around social media and the web. It does not have much social craze or buzz and has less overall price predictions than Ethereum.

  • Use Cases As well as Target Market

Ethereum and EOS both target the same audience and market, the development community. EOS may seem an asset for traders and investors; however, other technology provides immense benefits to traders. Regarding the target market, Ethereum enjoys more activity in this regard. The value of a cryptocurrency depends on the blockchain protocol developers build on.

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