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EOS Blockchain Development Companies

One of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the present day is EOS. EOS is a type of blockchain technology that works similarly to Ethereum, meaning that users can code smart contracts on this platform and develop dapps on EOS. EOS has beaten ethereum concerning efficiency, scalability, and speed in most aspects. EOS is a new blockchain platform that develops decentralized applications and consists of robust infrastructure supporting the process. The main purpose of EOS is to offer business-friendly and user-friendly tools for building dapps. It overcomes all the challenges present in traditional blockchain platforms such as ethereum.

EOS employs horizontal and vertical scaling so that its application can be completely free for the users. The platform offers a scalable and secure platform where plenty of transactions can run every second. The EOS is a secure and fully functional blockchain platform that offers a wide range of web services like the following:

  • User authentication
  • Cloud storage dapps
  • EOS smart contract

10 Top EOS Blockchain Development Companies

Insights Network - EOS Companies

Insights Network


It is developing an infrastructural and impactful dapp on EOS blockchain to facilitate data exchange. This platform aims to disrupt the data exchange process by using blockchain technology. This way, it offers a platform for organizations and individuals to trade with data in a very compliant, mutually beneficial, trustworthy process. Insights Network helps all Internet users and data producers monetize the value they are creating. The field of digital currencies, decentralized storage, and smart contracts have made great advances and enabled users to develop an incentivized and decentralized platform to conduct thorough market research and secure and store customer data. The insight network has its native token known as Instar, using which users can purchase as well as sell data on the platform.



This organization which used to create decentralized games for EOS and Ethereum blockchain, has officially migrated to the EOS blockchain. It has launched different gaming dapps for EOS and ethereum blockchain (beta version). The team is now working to create several gaming dapps only for the EOS network. These games that the team is working on can be rolled out before launching the EOS mainnet. The company has also preferred EOS over other platforms such as ethereum, which puts constraints on their progress. As per the team, the EOS blockchain will help them develop user-friendly and better games, and they also believe that the dapps developed on the EOS network can scale more than the ethereum network.



This organization is developing a global decentralized payroll portal that enables companies to exchange private information and data with payroll vendors internationally, using EOS blockchain technology. The data also remains secure transferable, and private. This platform is working to create an effective payroll solution that can eliminate intermediaries and middlemen from the payroll process. The portal of this platform allows parties to exchange data with payroll vendors directly and internationally using a secure EOS network. The company is working to remove middlemen and pay employees using cryptocurrency, thereby streamlining and automating the process of payroll.

Oracle Chain

Getting data on the blockchain initially should be secure, transparent, and trusted. This is why oracles are utilized as they are trusted parties and transmit real-world data. Oracle Chain aims to bring these oracles into the EOS ecosystem. So they work on Oracle protocol and platform to ensure that all required standards are met by oracles and data sent to the EOS blockchain network remains secure. This platform connects EOS dapps with trusted oracles, creating an effective link between real-life data and blockchain technology. It also works on services such as cross-blockchain oracle. Therefore dapps that are built on a variety of blockchains remain interoperable.



Worldwide Asset exchange or WAX project is developing a decentralized global marketplace for all digital assets. The wax project mainly targets and focuses on over 400 million gamers in the gaming industry. Trading digital assets on a trustable and secure DCS without requiring any 3rd party is what can be possible through EOS blockchain technology. The wax platform aims to bring this service and has also maintained a dedicated team to launch its centralized virtual assets trading network name. Trading digital assets securely without knowing the other party is exactly what EOS blockchain technology can enable, and that’s the service that WAX platform will provide. It has successfully launched a digital asset trading network named opskins, where transactions of more than one 150million have been executed.


This company has become a decentralized global encyclopedia of the present age using tokens. The platform is governed and managed decentralized, making the platform centralization and censorship quite resistant. Curators, content creators, and editors are rewarded by how they contribute to IQ tokens of Everipedia. This platform built on EOS is in the experimental phase. The team is witnessing the benefits of EOS to bring security and efficiency to the decentralization process. EOS has a superior technological foundation, and so this platform is leveraging the EOS blockchain.



It is an interesting project taking all the benefits of the EOS platform and leveraging EOS blockchain technology within their platform. The main purpose is to build several services and apps for the EOS platform so that deploying projects on the blockchain becomes easy for users. It comes with an EOS block production that easily supports the EOS community. Furthermore, the platform has high quality and robust server structure, which helps the EOS community to scale further. Furthermore, they have launched a new command-line interface that works on EOS and ensures easy deployment and management of EOS dapps.



The company wishes to solve all the advertisement issues using blockchain technology. It is a decentralized marketing platform that aims to build a strong mobile game industry. The platform offers multiple advertisement opportunities to the advertisers, publishers, and marketers without interference from third parties. This eliminates the requirement of paying third party fees. The platform is built on top of the EOS network, making it highly scalable and efficient. It also offers several advantages to the gamers who can play games and earn incentives.



It is a decentralized social network that is built on an EOS application. This platform aims to create a new digital world where every activity can be incentivized. It allows users to gain tokens by joining the referendum and being a part of the EOS community. It offers some key activities which make the platform unique.



This open-source EOS platform links organization that finds employees looking for new job opportunities. This decentralized platform is autonomous as well as community governed. The dynamic EOS setup makes this platform’s team think they can make a network that can easily link the right candidates with the right jobs.

What are the Benefits of EOS Blockchain?


The prime advantage of EOS is the ability to develop or create full fledged decentralized applications. EOS acts as a decentralized platform and enables users to create dapp that can be run on EOS powered blockchain platform. Typically smart contracts are used in dapps to power them. With the help of EOS, there is no need for smart contracts as this platform utilizes dapp transactions that are highly efficient in contrast to smart contracts.

Free Transactions

Generally, blockchain solution comes with a fee structure related to the transactions, but this is not the case with EOS. With the help of EOS services, operations can be done easily without requiring any associated costs. Thus EOS facilitates free transactions.


To ensure the flexibility of the EOS network, a voting system is used in the governance structure. In other words, rules can be altered only through a proper voting system. On the other hand, ethereum fails to acknowledge the utility of the voting system governance model. The voting system is an excellent function for blockchain technology, especially when required changes.

Easy for Developers

EOS is easy for developers to work with since they can easily develop the apps. Moreover, they can use database schemes, web toolkits, and other functions quite efficiently; thus, this blockchain technology makes it easy for developers to create dapps.

ICO Friendly

The main reason behind the success of blockchain platforms like Ethereum and EOS is ICO friendly. Any user can easily host ICO on the platform. You need not write any smart contract which makes EOS developer-friendly.


EOS platform is completely self-sufficient, meaning block producers can be rewarded continuously for their performance. This can be achieved by creating 5% inflation every year. EOS platform is also known to fund the community’s decentralized application proposal every year. In this way, new developers and new ideas are moved forward to the EOS platform, helping it grow.

Have a project in your mind?

How to choose an EOS platform?

EOS platform has gained much momentum in recent years, and most businesses are planning to adopt this technology. However, as globalization is taking place, new challenges may arise. This can be resolved through EOS blockchain technology which has diverse applications.

Following latest trends

As EOS blockchain technology is in its infant stage and most platforms are experimenting with it, you should discover the optimal benefits you can derive from the US company. Choosing a trustworthy partner who can help you leverage EOS benefits into your business system is important. The company should be able to keep up with the recent development within the industry. The best EOS company follows the latest industrial innovation and trends and helps you to stay ahead.

Reviews from clients

Read the testimonies of the EOS company’s previous clients to know if the company can offer you high quality solutions. If you find negative testimony, it would mean that the firm’s service is of low quality, and then you can look for better options. Try to look for an EOS blockchain development firm having good reviews.


When you see the portfolio of the company and learn about its previous work, you get a hint of how the company offers its service. An EOS blockchain development company having a rock-solid portfolio is the best consideration. If you find a lofty website of a company without a proper portfolio that can showcase their previous work, then it must be a red flag. You should be able to see the list of blockchain development services that the firm can deliver to you.

Dedicated Team

Every ESO blockchain development company has a dedicated team that delivers good solutions to its clients. You must consider the efficiency of the team and access their experience and knowledge. Every ESO blockchain technology comes with a dynamic team having various skills. Ensure that the team contains dedicated IT specialists and smart contract developers.

Customer support and security

A good ESO blockchain development company offers 24/7 customer support and services. A good company comes with excellent developers who ensure a safe business system. Most businesses come with blockchain encryption technology and offer complete safety in transactions. Ensure about the safety filters that the company is using.

Emphasize on quality

The quality of the EOS blockchain solution will help you to determine whether the service of the company is proper or not. Although the budget is an important criterion but always go for a quality EOS blockchain development company. If you make your decision based on price, this will impact your overall project’s performance.

Check if your business model matches the conditions of their contract

Startups can find switching to EOS blockchain technology a little expensive. However, the reality is you can develop an EOS blockchain application even though you are on a tight budget. Look if the company you are working with can offer you customized services or not. You can share your business vision with the right partner and get customized solutions through an experienced blockchain developer. These solutions will easily meet all your project requirements.