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Can blockchain leave a great impact like the Internet in our lives?

The cryptocurrency and Bitcoin revolution has already arrived and is creating numerous new opportunities for business growth. For the next 30 years, we are going a long way that will be dominated by blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. As the Internet has expanded our economy and penetrated our lives, blockchain is also becoming mainstream and is proving to be a game changer for the economy worldwide. 

Blockchain technology is still in its infant stages, and as per futurists, it will soon be a groundbreaking adoption, just like the Internet. Blockchain technology is similar to the Internet, where we share information and get connected. Blockchain has endless potential to revolutionize how we share information, exchange value, verify transactions, and transfer ownership. This technology is presently being deployed across diverse industries and sectors, from manufacturing to financial services. Other industries, such as retail, and health care, are also experimenting with the use cases, potential applications, and benefits of blockchain to survive in the market for the long run.

How can blockchain prove to be a groundbreaking adoption in the upcoming future?

A blockchain is a digital database encrypted and shared by multiple parties in a fully decentralized network. The transaction in this distributed network is verified, recorded, and stored in the distributed ledger database. Blockchain is based on technologies where several copies of data and information exist across its distributed network instead of a single database or server. It has no central authority or institution to manage, control and access the data in real time. This decentralized nature of blockchain technology has enabled faster transactions at low transaction fees. Blockchain is disrupting traditional industries and business models by automating their processes and driving more value to their processes. Following are the reasons blockchain could be a groundbreaking adoption in the future, just like the Internet.

  • Greater Transparency 

Blockchain allows multiple parties to see the distributed Ledger’s data and lifecycle. Participants can entrust their faith and exchange information without involving any third party.

  • Cost Savings

Most business models require duplicating data and information. As blockchain provides the shared infrastructure to the parties, sharing the infrastructure and technology helps the parties save their money and time.

  • Enhanced Security

Since the blockchain encrypts all the transactions that take place in the digital database, the transaction history is immutable, and network participants can have confidence in the distributed Ledger. Blockchain brings cryptography techniques for converting a text into an unintelligible text and formulates unique electronic fingerprints, which must be verified before implementing any changes. The absence of a third party or single authority in blockchain technology is a groundbreaking innovation.

What’s next for blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology is emerging with each passing day, and so it is advancing rapidly. Even though limitations of blockchain technology hinder its widespread adoption, the buzz around blockchain is also growing constantly. These limitations include scalability issues, technological standardization, and data privacy. Continued investment, addressing limitations, and developing the right technologies and tools will be a great technological revolution like the Internet. Blockchain will soon become a commonplace technology like the Internet after 30 years.


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